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INSIFA Shpk, based in Maminas, started its trading activity on June 10, 1992, at a time when the market conceptualization of the economy, different from the totalitarian economic planning system, had just begun. The first activity of this firm was to open a small restaurant in downtown Maminas…

Triple Chocolate & Triple Apricot

New product Insifa

Cilësisë e lartë e ingredientëve
dhe përpunim me siguri maksimale

Biscota me marmelate Fiku

Biscota me marmelate Molle

Biscota me marmelate Qershie

Products & Services

What do you need today?

Choco bars
Bigroll Kokos
Muffin Chocolate
Muffin Apricot
Muffin Berries

Cilesi dhe Kontroll


What we do every day?

Kontrolle në ditë miellit
Kontrolle në orë përbërësve
Certifikime Internacionale

Contact Us


For all sales operators (Minimarket, Market, Supermarket, Bar, etc.) operating in and out of Albania and who are interested in having direct cooperation with INSIFA in terms of supplying its products to your point of sale, please contact us at our addresses, so that our cooperation can be as successful as possible.